Adolfo García y Eva Ramos

CABABELA Madrid was born out of the concern of two friends who have known each other since childhood: Adolfo García and Eva Ramos. Adolfo decides to 'break' with everything due to different circumstances of life and leaves behind his professional career in financial companies to launch into a new business project in what he could print his signature and his values. He relied on his great friend Eva, who is looking for new work challenges. CARABELA Madrid was developing in this union, a new brand of Premium bags with 'Made in Spain' design and manufacturing. Initially, a brand focused exclusively on women, but  it has begun to create unisex accessories as well.

CARABELA's philosophy is simple: "We want to create prestigious bags and handbags designed in Spain and handcrafted one by one by artisans in Ubrique, a little town located on the South of Spain, with a long experience in the treatment of calfskin and a worldwide reference handcraft of luxury handbags"

In addition, CARABELA includes Madrid in its name is not by chance but it is a brand deeply rooted in this city and its way of life. CARABELA Madrid breaks away stereotypes and it perfectly reflects the "day to day" spirit and soul of the city, with bags and handbags that reflect the dynamism and diversity of its people, the fusion of cultures and that adventurous profile that includes a hedonistic aspect.

Adolfo and Eva represent the CARABELA identity perfectly. By knowing each other since childhood, the trust, complicity and intuition are reflected in the creative process of manufacturing the bags and in the day-to-day direction of the brand. Adolfo represents rational and business management part, and Eva represents creativity, and design; and both represents the passion ...

CARABELA Madrid handbags reflect the care and attention of its creators. The interior of the bags have removable compartments and wallets, outer pockets, high quality leather, the shine of 24k gold  and the perfect craftsmanship finishes.

“Luxury is the work well done that last in time”

Bags designed and created to have everything located and perfectly organized. They have enveloping interiors with strong personality... the heart of CARABELA
Large pockets inside for your mobile devices, chargers, computer, Tablet, diaries or documents.

Departments for cards, pockets with zippers and external compartments to keep the mobile without opening the bag.

Removable leather wallets with capacity for a Tablet.

Sophisticated bags on the outside and functional inside. Each model performs a specific function and is linked to a moment in life. It is a versatile collection with comfortable, spacious and lightweight handbags.

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